Meet the new state of the art. If you've been waiting for the next step in ski boat performance evolution, the all-new Malibu Response TXi gives you the reason to upgrade that you've been waiting for. Like the original TXi, the new model is easy to handle and makes an ideal ski boat for any line length and skill level.

The all-new TXi creates our softest flattest wakes ever while putting a sharper edge on unmistakable Malibu Style. Whether you're a pro going for a world record or a newcomer to waterskiing, the nimble, competition-proven and consistent Malibu Response TXi will give you your best experience on the water.

Choose the classic closed-bow design with seating for up to five or the contemporary open-bow model to take along two more friends. With either one, precision -driven engineering and design make the new Response TXi an compromised performer.

We redesigned the famous T-Cut Diamond hull with a wider bow, adjusted chines and angled strakes. The new TXi gives a better ride on the water, with increased lift and a more forgiving wake. The driver will feel higher precision handling at tournament speeds for all three events, while skiers who are looking to set a new personal best will notice the TXi's utter consistency and performance.

The Txi is all new inside, too. We lowered the dash to improve driver sight-lines, because better for the driver means better for the skier. We improved ergonomics and storage and added a new Zero Off integrated 4.5" touch screen for our flagship Malibu open Edition. Details like new billet aluminium folding ski racks, glove-box and rear hatch lids exemplify renowned Malibu attention to details.

The truth is on the water in the unrivaled performance of the all-new Malibu Response TXi.




and the amazing TXi, it has been nothing but setting new standards. to be the person to push the limit is incredible. But I don't get there by myself. I have the mentality to know the next buoy is possible, but I also have the family at Malibu, who support me and push me to break the limits. And with my team and the TXi, new world records become our reality.


Regina Jaquess

"From day one, I knew the new TXi would allow me to push the limits. Without any interruption from the wakes, the TXi allowed me to continue to gain cross course direction when approaching each buoy. I'm super excited about this boat and the future it brings to the sport." Regina Jaquess (Womens Slalom World Record Holder)


Malibu's Response TXi tracks as straight as a ruler on a slalom course and throws a small, soft wake.

Professional-level skiers don’t ask for much — just a boat that tracks as straight as a ruler on a slalom course and throws the smallest, softest, flattest wake known to mankind. The Malibu Response TXi delivers on all counts. Look a little closer, and you’ll find that it delivers even more.

At the helm, the driver works off of both a 12-inch and 7-inch touchscreen display to set the boat up to his liking, as well as monitor speed and fuel. With Zero Off GPS cruise, the driver can set the speed, the course and go, so he or she can focus solely on giving the skier the best possible tow. The standard adjustable rudder tab allows the driver to set the rudder torque to his or her liking. Malibu’s T-Cut Diamond hull design considerably reduces the boat’s footprint in the water, and the three-finned design helps it track straight. Underway, the TXi doesn’t throw spray that can obscure the skier’s view of the next slalom gate. Everything about this boat puts the skier in the most likely position to succeed.

That’s not to say the TXi doesn’t have the luxurious interior to keep the crew in comfort on a joyride. It does. The open-bow version features plush bow seating with forward-facing backrests against the consoles, boasting stereo speakers, cup holders and grab handles. The closed-bow version features a windshield walk-through to the bow and storage underneath. (The open-bow version holds seven passengers; the closed bow holds five.) In the main cockpit, passengers will like the billet aluminum grab handles and the twin seats adorning the centerline step-up to the transom. Folding billet aluminum ski racks in the gunwales keep the skis safe and secure while cruising around the lake. Like all Malibu boats, the TXi hull is cut and molded to precise tolerances thanks to its CAD design and production via a five-axis router. Whether you plan to use this boat in the highest levels of competition or just as the family tow boat for weekends at the lake, the Malibu Response TXi is a boat that will make you a true winner.

High Points
* Malibu’s T-Cut Diamond hull design ensures laser-straight tracking and the flat wake beloved by pro-level skiers.
* Four water-skiing world records have been set behind the TXi hull, with more records sure to come.
* Billet aluminum folding ski racks in the cockpit keep your skis safe and secure while underway.


Enrico Cohen

The new TXi handles excellently and I have driven a lot of competition boats. Believe me as Level 1 boat driver I know in a few runs how the boat performs I was driver on World, European, National Championships Barefoot & Tournament Waterski. Malibu did a great job. Enrico Cohen (Professional Competition Boat Driver)

WaterSki Mag

For 2017 Malibu is offering a base model with analog gauges as well as the Malibu Open Edition TXi, which has a full-color touchscreen as well as an auxiliary screen with hot keys, gunwale ski racks and contoured grab handles. The ski racks swivel to accommodate any ski and have enough clearance that your fin won’t get detuned, even if someone bumps into the top of the ski.

The helm now sports multiple USB ports as well as a dry box to store your phone, and the entire driver’s seat is sunk into the deck of the boat so you have more room to stretch your legs. The driver’s seat is easier to enter for tall drivers, and the dash has a lower profile so you have better visibility.

There’s an open- and closed-bow version of the new TXi, so you get to choose based on how you like to use your boat. If you get the open-bow version, you get the functionality of additional seating, and with the closed-bow version, you get that classic ski-boat look as well as a generous storage compartment that fills the hollow bow.

Malibu made a unique side buckle just forward of the driver that makes the boat look like an arrowhead from a bird’s-eye view. High-density marine-grade foam covers just about everything inside, and the gelcoat is available in metal-flake options that make this sleek hull look fast even when it’s at idle.

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